2022-23TY Leadership for Community Engagement (2023-04)

6 credit hours. $225 (Billed to your board by AASB)

When it comes to solving the challenges facing your schools and students, how is your community responding? Do citizens sit back, expecting you to fix everything? Or do they actively work with you to ensure students get a world-class education? This course will help you re-engage stakeholders in ways that lead to higher student achievement.

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Course Credits: 6 Price: $225

  • Acknowledgment Statement
  • Note about ALSDE Links in SBU Courses
  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 1 Knowledge Check-Leadership for Community Engagement
  • Section 2: Community Engagement Standards for School Boards
  • Section 2, Reading Assignment 1: It Takes a Community to Build Education
  • Section 2, Reading Assignment 2: Beyond Random Acts of Engagement
  • Section 3: What is Community Engagement?
  • Section 3, Assignment 1: Reflection
  • Section 4.1: Stakeholders are not Customers
  • Section 4.2 Video: Authentic Engagement: Citizens vs. Consumers
  • Section 4.3: Engagement, Not Input
  • Section 6: At the Board Table
  • Section 7: Public Relations Basics
  • Section 7 Knowledge Check (Leadership for Community Engagement)
  • Section 8: The Board's Role
  • Section 8 Knowledge Check (Leadership for Community Engagement)
  • Section 10: Closing
  • Leadership for Community Engagement Evaluation Form (Course)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever