2022-23TY Leadership for Academic Achievement (2023-03)

6 credit hours. $225. (Billed to your board by AASB)

Perhaps the most important work you will ever do as a board member is to ensure the success of your school system’s students. In this course, we will dig deep into what is possible for all students and explore how your board can adopt beliefs and policies to promote academic achievement in your school system.

Course Credits: 6 Price: $225

  • Acknowledgment Statement
  • Note about ALSDE Links in SBU Courses
  • Module 1: What's at Stake
  • Module 2: A Primer on Special Education
  • Module 3: Moving and Stuck Boards
  • Module 4: The Need for Focus
  • Module 5: Leadership for Change
  • Module 6: Restructuring Leadership to Drive Achievement
  • Module 7: The Importance of Quality Professional Development
  • Module 8: Community Engagement is Essential
  • Module 9: What Are the Possibilities?
  • Leadership for Academic Achievement Evaluation Form (Course)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever