2022-23TY Roles & Responsibilities Orientation (2023-001)

8 credit hours. $315 (Billed to your board by AASB)

Part I of AASB's school board member orientation, Roles & Responsibilities covers the role of the board and the superintendent, the Open Meetings Act, the ethics law, and much more.

Note: The state requires board members to complete certain orientation courses at least once. By taking both parts of AASB’s orientation, members will meet this requirement. This course also satisfies the state’s ethics requirement for school board members.

Course Credits: 8 Price: $315

  • Acknowledgment Statement
  • Section 1: 6 Standards for School Boards
  • Section 2: Ethics and Nepotism
  • Section 2 Knowledge Check
  • Section 3: Effective Fiscal Governance
  • Section 4: Effective Board Meetings
  • Section 5: Open Meetings & Open Records
  • Section 6: Personnel & Other Legal Issues
  • Roles & Responsibilities Orientation Evaluation Form
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever
  • 2022-23TY SBU Welcome